Pride Month Featured Films

This year President Obama proclaimed that June is LGBTQ Pride Month. This follows last year’s historic ruling legalizing marriage equality and the recent legalization of adoption for same-sex couples. Below is a selection of films available in the University Libraries’ collection that depict issues that have historically affected the LGBTQ community and continue to do so today. If you have suggestions for what other titles you would like to see the Libraries purchase, please send a note to the Media Librarian.


The Black Film Canon: the 50 Greatest Movies by Black Directors

Slate published The Black Film Canon: the 50 Greatest Movies by Black Directors on May 30, 2016.  Since the list “is about the power of black people telling their stories,” many “beloved movies about black people, like Carmen Jones, A Raisin in the Sun, The Wiz, and Coming to America” are not listed.


Video Librarian Best Documentaries 2015

Video Librarian‘s Best Documentaries of 2015 list is available here and below.  As new films are added to Mason Libraries’ collection, they will be updated.

Video Librarian is a website and magazine that reviews everything from feature films, to documentaries, to educational and how-to videos.


ALA Notable Videos for Adults 2016

The American Library Association’s (ALA) 2016 Notable Videos for Adults list is available here and linked to Mason Libraries’ collection below.  The annual list of fifteen videos is recommended for both academic and public library collections.  The films are nominated and selected by librarians.  The non-feature fiction films address new or difficult topics, making them understandable to a general audience, contribute to the solution of a contemporary problem, and/or expands the video medium in a new way (Criteria for Selection of Notable Videos for Adults).



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